Continuing Education Courses

Continuing Education Courses – Tired of garden variety pastoral CEU classes? Want to sink your teeth into the primary work of the Priesthood? This course is offered for clergy needing Continuing Education courses. It is delivered online/distance, with regular interaction with the professor and fellow clergy.


Our course in advanced homiletics includes an advanced study of the practical art of expository preaching as practiced historically in an Orthodox Church context. We will review the style of Ss. John Chrysostom, Peter Chrysologus, and other excellent preachers from history.This specialty course will refine the principles of homiletics, and address preaching the major biblical genres with precision, accuracy, and passion. Audience analysis is practiced. One of the key aspects of this course is peer group interactive learning and individual mentoring in expository homiletics.


The parish community is the Church in its fullness. This course covers a significant dearth in Orthodox studies, covering what benefits and constitutes a health, vibrant parish, what are the signs of health and illness in a parish community, recognizing threats to the health and well being of the parish objectively, and therapeutic measures of a practical nature which strengthen the community. This is the only course of its kind in the world.


Training oneself and others to “make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you…” 1 Peter 3:15, this course covers basic Orthodox Christian apologetics of a very practical kind, and provides the instructional materials to teach it, and develop further apologetic studies at the local level. This course will help the student teach basic apologetics at the parish level, especially to young people.


This course will focus on simple, practical techniques of instructing others how to share their faith personally, without awkwardness. The pipeline of conversion is discussed, and practical solutions to setting up the important segments of it in a local established parish are given.